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Why Effective Training Makes (or Breaks) Your Salesforce Implementation

For many Salesforce customers, a large part of their budget is spent on supporting – and making changes – to their Salesforce dashboard. This often looks like tackling it (and stressing) in-house before calling a consultant to fix things.

Everyday, companies and organizations reach out to Salesforce consultants for a multitude of issues. But it’s tough reaching out to them when you have the gut feeling, “I know we can sort this out ourselves. We just don’t know how…” Then again, it’s even worse when you’re calling them to fix a small mistake that snowballed into a big problem.

It’s time to trust your gut: for most basic issues, you should be able to correct them yourself. And know how to configure Salesforce properly in the first place, preventing the issue from arising altogether.

There are two tiers of problems that cost companies money, time, and peace of mind:

Problem Tier 1: Not understanding Salesforce’s Full Capabilities

Also known as “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Salesforce is a premium software — using it inadequately is a waste of organizational spend. Quite often the difference between tapping into its full potential and just scraping the surface is training.

By bringing forward your company objectives, proper administrator training gives you the insights to fine-tune your software into an optimized leads and sales-generating machine.

Problem Tier 2: Admin isn’t 100% sure… but does it anyways

We’ve seen many times in the past that in-house administrators like to tackle Salesforce tasks without adequate knowledge. Similar to not learning to crawl before running, this approach will only lead to tripping over your CRM.

This can severely break your current automation flow — and cost your company thousands. To fix this error, a consultant is called, costing your organization even more time and money. Through adequate training, your admin will be better positioned to make educated adjustments and decisions, or know when they need external support. Leaving you with a sound mind knowing everyone has the knowledge to work with a heightened proficiency.

Going Into Technical Debt

As humans, when we make mistakes it erodes trust in what we’re using – we tend to blame the object and not ourselves, otherwise known as blame-shifting. In the case of Salesforce, you don’t want your team to abandon adopting the CRM platform just because they don’t have the technical knowledge or in-depth understanding.

In the effort to find solutions without appropriate know-how, many organizations find themselves in technical debt. According to Salesforce Ben, technical debt is:

“the cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer to develop.”

Because this is a makeshift solution, it can break your automation or be incompatible with Salesforce updates. These resulting errors can add up to thousands of dollars in data loss, inadequate customer engagement, and consultancy costs.

How Does Salesforce Training Help Tackle Your Issues?

When tailored to match your team’s learning style, Salesforce training makes lightwork of a big deal. By training your in-house staff how to properly implement your sales strategies, you’re empowering your team and helping to alleviate overall spend, reducing staff turnover in the process. A win-win for everyone.

Salesforce Training Solution 1: Optimized Dashboard and Reports

Make sure the information you need is at your fingertips with an optimized dashboard. By having it tailored to your business and industry needs, your team will be able to react quicker and with higher accuracy.

Salesforce Training Solution 2: Meet Changing Business Needs

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, the market is ever changing. Your dashboard and reports need to be revisited and optimized regularly — especially when considering that there are 3 major Salesforce software updates a year.

Whenever you adjust your business objectives and KPIs, you need an agile Salesforce approach to reconfiguring your dashboard on-demand. Rather than calling your consultant, have an adept team that can support your business projections.

Our goal is to train new end users and admins, making your teams feel supported while increasing platform usability.

Salesforce Training Solution 3: Accurate Automation

Back in the 1960’s, automation was originally invented to help the automotive industry increase efficiency. We’ve come a long way from large mechanical arms, and now we see automation in Salesforce customer engagement flows.

Through automation, Salesforce administrators’ lives become easier – freeing them to do other important tasks. This helps your company build momentum into the future, such as focusing on elevating CLV (customer lifetime value).

Get it done right every time. If you’re not migrating the right data, or communicating what your end users need, there will be gaps in your overall sales process.

Finding the Right Training for You

When it comes to finding the right training for you, here’s our deep dive into the different options. Make sure that it meshes with your business needs, team dynamics, and provides support for future issues.

If you have any other questions, feel free to book a meeting with us and see how we can help you stay on top of your implementation strategies.

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