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Building Brighter Futures and Stronger Communities with Salesforce

Ensure That Every Voice is Heard

Salesforce helps you to effectively engage with donors, volunteers, and stakeholders without the need to increase your workload or hire additional staff.

Every charity and nonprofit has a mission – a solution to a community-based challenge. By automating background operations, like communications and donor campaigns, Brightmark implements the strategies needed to uplift your community and champion your causes.

Brightmark can help:

  • Optimize a Nonprofit’s marketing and fundraising processes

  • Develop a data strategy (consolidation, cleansing) to improve donor segmentation and targeting – ensure the appropriate message is reaching the correct audience

  • Reduce or eliminate manual processes through automation, for example: notifications, task creation, document generation, forms/data capture

  • Create a donor or volunteer portal for managing and reaching external contacts

  • Develop dashboards and reports to provide metrics at all levels of the organization

  • Architect and review the technological roadmap supporting business processes, including the use of Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack

Specialized Salesforce Services for Nonprofits & Charities

At Brightmark, we are on a mission to support nonprofits and charities using the power of Salesforce. You’re making critical social change a reality and Salesforce can help get you there.

The Nonprofit Success Pack gives you a suite of services needed to get your organization ready with Salesforce; a pay-it-forward for all the incredible work you do. is using Salesforce’s automation to seamlessly engage with donors and their communities, helping to tackle Canada’s youth mental health crisis.

They’ve since become a national icon in youth empowerment and community-based advocacy. Their team was able to focus less on operations and fundraising, and more on being present in the lives of youths — creating meaningful impacts on families across Canada.

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack includes the following functionality:

  • Donations, allocations, recurring donations, payments, hard/soft credits and campaign tracking
  • Rich donation statistics for individuals and households
  • Relationships, affiliations to other organizations and points of connection for constituents

Brightmark’s services for Nonprofits can include:

  • Salesforce implementation and training; includes transferring data from old CRM platforms
  • Aligning your personalized Salesforce with fundraising and annual goals
  • Custom dashboard with stakeholder data
  • Tailored roadmap for your success — automated email, marketing, account integration, forms, donation tax receipts, and other automated documents
  • 10 free Salesforce Enterprise Seats (worth $18,000 USD)

How Does Working with Brightmark Help Your Cause?

Our values are rooted in trust, collaboration, community success, and generosity. Guided by these core fundamentals, we use our Salesforce expertise to help you connect with donors and constituents and limit resource spend.

1. Fundraising / Donor Engagement

Strategically engage with donors and increase fundraising efficiency. Automate campaigns and thank you emails.

2. Volunteer Recruitment

Use your email list and get the support you need for your next community initiative. Salesforce enables you to segment your volunteers by age, area, and frequency.

3. Stakeholder Data

Streamlined data for stakeholder presentations and annual reports.
From donor information to marketing success, gather all your information in one place.

4. Automated Community Engagement

Use automation to effortlessly communicate important events or community-related issues.

Building Communities
That Thrive

Harness the potential of Salesforce with Brightmark.

    Key Points

    • Nonprofits may not be aware that Salesforce has specific solutions for them and a very generous product donation program

    • We educate nonprofits and help them understand how Salesforce can transform the way they engage with donors, volunteers, the people they serve

    • We implement the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), a product built specifically for nonprofits

    • We can help migrate them from other systems

    • Establish and execute a technology roadmap for CRM, marketing automation, portals, donations, accounting integrations, forms, document generation, and more.
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