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Building Brighter Futures and Stronger Communities with Salesforce.

How Does Working with Brightmark Help Your Cause?

Our values are rooted in trust, empathy, collaboration, innovation and community success. Guided by these core fundamentals, we use our Salesforce and Nonprofit expertise to help you connect with donors, leverage funding opportunities, limit resource spend, and reach your goals sooner.

How Have We Helped Others:’s mission is to tackle Canada’s youth mental health crisis; Brightmark helped them to seamlessly engage with donors and their communities, using Salesforce.

They’ve since become a national icon in youth empowerment and community-based advocacy. With Salesforce, their team was able to streamline operations, improve donor engagement and increase fundraising revenue. They can now devote more time and resources to creating positive change in the lives of young people across Canada.

Since 2016, Brightmark has served more than 40 nonprofit organizations ranging from small to large.

We’ve created unique Salesforce implementations to help nonprofits free-up time and talent to:

  • tackle mental health
  • make an impact against poverty
  • strengthen families
  • help society’s institutions work together for the common good

…and much more.

Scale your Impact with Salesforce

Salesforce helps you to effectively engage with donors, volunteers, and stakeholders without the need to increase your workload or hire additional staff.
Whether you’re looking at Salesforce or looking to get more from Salesforce, Brightmark will help you to implement the strategies needed to increase funding and generate better outcomes for your causes.

Salesforce is Specialized for Nonprofits

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud gives you the platform and applications needed to get your organization ready with Salesforce – a pay-it-forward for all the incredible work you do.

Harness Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud for:

1. Fundraising

Use AI and data insights to boost fundraising returns


2. Marketing and Donor Engagement

Create greater engagement with your communities and stakeholders


3. Grantmaking

A consolidated, simplified approach to grantmaking and relationship building

4. Program management

Gain greater insights over programs to maximize outcomes.

Brightmark Services for Every Type of Nonprofit at Every Stage of the Journey:

  • Salesforce implementation and training; includes transferring data from old CRM platforms
  • Aligning Salesforce with your donor engagement process and annual fundraising goals
  • Creating and customizing reports and dashboards to measure impact and outcomes
  • Automating marketing campaigns
  • Migrating from Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to Nonprofit Cloud
  • Helping to maximize the use of’s 10 free Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud licenses (worth $18,000 USD/year) and advising on other licensing options to save you money.

Building Communities That Thrive

Harness the potential of Salesforce with Brightmark.

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