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Brightmark Understands Financial Services

We’re a team of Salesforce and financial services experts. It’s our goal to tackle the Salesforce skill gaps we see in the Canadian financial industry: from wealth and asset management to mortgages and private equity.

We are quick to adapt to changes in your industry. We understand the issues you face on a daily basis and help your business implement strategies faster. Let’s hit the ground running with Salesforce.

The Industry Knowledge Advantage

We understand the needs of the financial services sector. Through one-on-one consultation, we build solutions specific to your goals and objectives. We craft customized dashboards that address stakeholder concerns from all levels.
The Brightmark team has a comprehensive understanding of compliance and operational requirements, PIPEDA, data security, and integration with back office systems. We execute the best practices to fit your needs.

Wealth and Asset Management

Simplify and organize your daily operations.

Track your communications with potential investors, centers of influence, and referrals.

Fund Wholesale

Energize your sales and fulfillment process with Salesforce.

Automate Communications: Contact representatives about purchases, redemptions, activity, or triggered alerts.

Grow Sales: Track open orders to collaborate with sales associates and find opportunities for growth.

Private Equity

Track and follow-up with important deadlines and documentation.

NDAs and RFPs, compliance and due diligence processes.


All client and product information in one place.

Centralized visibility of client policies and claim management. Automate new product suggestions and renewal reminders.

Mortgage and Lending

Salesforce for Brokers: Submit Filogix applications, track new borrowers, and automate renewals

Salesforce for Lenders: Receive Filogix applications, automate underwriting, and streamline refinancing and renewal process.

Financial Technology

Have all the right information at the right place and on time.

Across your system platforms, use Salesforce to automatically update client and business information. We develop portals, mobile apps, data models, and APIs to make this happen.

We Can Help You

  1. Target your digital marketing for effective audience engagement

  2. Develop and implement sales processes

  3. Streamline and automate Client Onboarding

  4. Create one-screen snapshots of customer profiles

  5. Understand and manage your client’s sphere of influence
  1. Automate common compliance tasks, e.g. KYC updates

  2. Automate key document generation, including NDAs and RFPs

  3. Design and develop customer portals to drive engagement and business

  4. Streamline data migration and transition to Salesforce

  5. Cross-integrate tech stack for seamless digital ecosystem

Reach Your Goals with Brightmark


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