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Is Salesforce Training Worth it?

Salesforce is the most popular CRM in the world. From the largest enterprises to ones with just 2 employees, these businesses take advantage of Salesforce’s cloud applications to manage sales, marketing, customer service and other critical business functions.

Knowing how to administer Salesforce within your company is a critical skill that will help you achieve greater business and professional results. With the right knowledge, Salesforce will help your company find more leads, win more business, and keep your customers satisfied. However, without it, Salesforce administration can feel overwhelming.

If you’ve ever typed in “How to migrate data properly into Salesforce” or any other technical Salesforce question into Google, you’ve come to the right place. With Salesforce, there are multiple ways to migrate data, pull reports, and optimize your sales funnels. And the only way to find the right strategy for the job is through adequate knowledge.
Options to get answers on Salesforce

  • Help and Training (in the app)
  • Salesforce Trailhead
  • Salesforce Customer Community
  • Google
  • Salesforce-related blogs

With so many options, how do you ensure you are getting the right advice? Who can you turn to for guidance? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone with years of experience and countless implementation projects under their belt to walk you through the right path for your business?

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How to Fix Your Salesforce Problems

Despite the many readily available learning options, the Brightmark team still felt there was a gap in training offerings geared towards developing effective Salesforce admins and consultants. Other paid courses tend to be more theoretical and taught by instructors with little real consulting and implementation experience. The course content from these paid courses and even Trailhead doesn’t go deep enough when it comes to practical application.

Brightmark training emphasizes:

  • Practical, relevant hands-on exercises
  • Live cohort-based learning versus watching on-demand content alone
  • Real-time interactions – ask the instructor questions based on your own use cases or experiences
  • Best practices and learnings from actual implementations

Making sound technical and strategic changes in Salesforce should be based on a solid foundation of Salesforce platform knowledge and functionality, not through trial and error. And finding the right training program for you and your organization is key to long-term success.

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Every business has their own specific needs, and you want to support your team the best that you can. With live training programs like Brightmark, you’ll gain personalized insights that mesh with your learning style and company goals — creating a knowledge base needed to grow your Salesforce skills. You’ll be hitting KPIs in no time.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll be setting yourself on a trajectory for a successful career. Make sure your systems and dashboards are communicating exactly what you need – and leave the guessing games at the door.

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