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Backup & Recovery

When the unpredictable happens, keep your data and business protected.

Guidance on protecting your data

Brightmark provides guidance on protecting and securing your internal and client data. We are Salesforce advocates for having a single source of truth (SSOT) for all of your client and business information. This SSOT is essential for business stability and success, which is why we focus on protection, security and business continuity.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Protection

Brightmark strongly recommends that Salesforce customers invest in third-party backup and recovery services. For most customers, Salesforce is a critical part of their businesses’ operations. As consultants, we’ve seen the negative impacts and high costs related to accidental data loss.

Human error, such as accidentally mass deleting records or fields, or the unanticipated consequences of a data load or integration, are common causes for data loss. The costs involved in recovering lost data may include increased labour costs, data recovery fees, consulting fees as well as the opportunity cost related to that disruption.

We partner with leading Salesforce backup and restoration solutions, like Ownbackup, AvePoint and DBSync to ensure your Salesforce data and metadata (customizations) are backed up daily. These solutions make it easy for admins to restore data with clicks.

We want to see your business succeed — without disruption. By protecting your Salesforce investment, your information is backed up and can be quickly restored in the event of a data breach, disaster, or administrative error. We fulfill all national and provincial data storage requirements, such as CRM2, PIPEDA, and HIPAA.

Ensure Your Data is Backed Up

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